Dental Bridges in Burbank, California

A dental bridge is one of the ways that you can fill in the gaps between your teeth that have been caused by the removal of a tooth. By opting in for a dental bridge procedure, your smile will look more natural, you’ll be able to eat properly, and your speech will return to normal if it has been affected by the loss of the tooth.

There are three types of bridges. A consultation with your dentist will help determine which one is the right fit for you. Traditional bridges are the most common, where a fake tooth is placed and crowns are fitted on the surrounding teeth to hold it in place. Cantilever bridges are used when there is only one tooth next to the tooth that is missing. Maryland bridges use porcelain or metal rather than the cementing approach and therefore are not as strong as a traditional bridge.

Getting a dental bridge is a relatively simple procedure, but can take place over the course of a few visits. This is because you’ll have to take imprints and have measurements done so the constructed bridge is customized to your mouth. Temporary crowns are available if needed and will be removed once the permanent ones are ready to be cemented in. A local anesthetic will be used to ensure that no pain is felt during the procedure.

Afterwards, some mild discomfort may be felt which can quickly be remedied with over the counter pain medication or by applying ice to the outside of the jaw. With a very quick recovery time, patients can typically eat and drink normally right after the bridge has been placed. For more severe pain, contact your dentist, as something may need to be adjusted.

For further questions about dental bridges, or to schedule a consultation about one, contact Brilliant Dental Group by calling (818) 558-5630.

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