How to Choose a Dentist

Your relationship with your dentist can make all the difference when it comes to your attitude about going to see the dentist. In fact, people who have a good relationship with their dentist are far more likely to come in to their appointments. However, if you’re in the group where you dread going to the dentist, you may want to consider switching. Here are a few things to help you find the right dentist for you.

1. Referrals and Reviews

Although you can ask your doctor for recommendations for a reputable dentist in the area, the best way to find a great dentist is through family and friends, especially ones that you really trust. Their opinion is often unfiltered and honest and they will steer you away from places where they have had bad experiences in the past. Finding offices through google and looking at how many reviews they have can be a great starting place as well.

2. Consider Accessibility

Weigh how far you’re willing to travel to get to the dentist? Is your dentist going to be available during times that you are? If you work throughout the week and can only come in on weekends, it’s best not to pick a place that is closed during that time. Do you have a family and need a dentist that can also perform services on children? Both of these and more that cater to your situation are important to consider.

3. Give Them a Call

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, give each of them a call. Although you will only get to speak to the receptionist, their attitude towards you and the tone of the call can be enough to either sell you on that place or completely deter you. The receptionist’s attitude is often reflective of their environment and the dentist themselves, so if you leave the conversation with an odd feeling, it’s best to scratch that one from the list.

4. Visit The Office

Atmosphere is another big deciding factor when choosing a dentist and you won’t know how the office feels unless you visit it in person. Take a look around at the surroundings. Are things clean and tidy? Are the hygienist and dentist wearing protective gear? How are you being treated as you walk in the doors? Take note of these things to help you make a final decision.

5. Meet The Dentist

Although you may get a different hygienist every time you visit, your actual dentist will remain the same. Have a chat with them if you’re able to get the chance to to discuss their practices, if they believe in continuing education for themselves and their staff, and other questions that are important for you to know. Their answers, should they give them, can make all the difference.

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