Sports-Related Injuries to the Mouth

Sports are a great way to stay fit and healthy, but did you know that around 35% of injuries that happen to the mouth are caused by them? This can be as minor as a chipped tooth or as severe as total tooth loss, but fortunately, teeth that have been knocked out by a sports related injury can be saved if the patient is able to get to the dentist in a timely manner. However, not everyone can afford to keep going to the dentist for restorative procedures as they can be quite expensive depending on your insurance and where you go. Therefore, dental professionals recommend the following items to reduce or eliminate sports related injuries to the oral cavity.

Helmets: Most team sports require players to wear a helmet as part of their uniform, but for recreational sports such as skateboarding and biking, always make sure to wear a helmet. Helmets provide a barrier between the head and the ground, making the resulting possible oral injury less than if the individual was not wearing one.

Mouth Guards: The most safe and effective method of preventing sports related injuries is the use of a mouth guard. Mouth guards are also given to individuals who suffer from grinding their teeth at night, a condition known as bruxism, but they can also be used to cover your teeth and provide a protective layer to prevent chipping and breaking. Mouth guards are most commonly used in high contact sports such as football, and even hockey and soccer.

In regards to mouth guards, custom fitted ones are the most effective, but general ones that can be picked up at most drugstore work just as well.

If you already have a sports related injury affecting your teeth, please book an appointment through our website or by calling us directly.

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